Women's Conference


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Thurs Aug 27th-
7:00PM Opening Meeting

Friday, Aug 28 -
10:00 AM Morning Meeting
2:00 PM Workshops:
- Sanctuary, Kim Walker-Smith, Living a Passionate Life of Worship
7:00PM Evening Meeting
Saturday, Aug 29 -
10:00 AM Impartation with Bill Johnson

Not just another women’s conference! It’s the first time Bethel has offered a gathering specifically for women of this magnitude. For thirteen years this conference has been simmering and waiting to happen. We’re excited that now is the time!
It’s apparent that God has been stirring up the topic of “women” in the body of Christ for this next season. When I think of women and the opportunities we have available to us, in and out of The Church I can’t help but think, “This isn’t my mothers church anymore!” There are so many gifts held within women and God is releasing those gifts. Whether you are a young woman or a beautifully aged woman, it’s way past time for you to figure out who you are and what you’re carrying to be released uniquely by you.
This conference is about celebrating who God made you to be and giving you permission to happen!!! We’ve put together a powerful group of Bethel women to encourage you to find your place and change your world forever. We’re called to influence! Let’s explore the possibilities of how to do that together.
Come join us and bring your friends, your sisters, your mothers and grandmothers!!!
Speakers include:
Sheri Silk
Beni Johnson
Jenn Johnson
Worship with:
Kim Walker-Smith