What If... Women's Conference


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As we look forward into 2011, the word most often used to describe what the Lord is saying is HOPE!

There is so much hope for the future!
That is what I have on my heart for this year’s Women’s Conference… that God would touch each woman who is coming and that she would have heavenly encounters and live out her destiny! Fully alive people have great plans!!!

What if...
....You fulfilled your dreams?
....You weren’t afraid?
....You needed healing and received it?
....You believed in yourself and partnered with the most amazing God?
....You could learn to live out of your passion?

Let's join our “what ifs” with God's love and His anointing and see what He will do!


Wednesday Evening 7:00pm - Beni Johnson

Thursday Morning 10:00am - Kim Walker-Smith

Breakout Session 2:00pm - Dawna DeSilva

Thursday Evening 7:00pm - Sheri Silk

Friday Morning 10:00am - Jenn Johnson

Breakout Session 2:00pm - Crystal Stiles

Friday Evening 7:00pm - Beni Johnson

*Schedule subject to change