Way of Life Groups:
A Churchwide Discipleship Experience

Embracing the Culture of Heaven on Earth Together

Special Message from Bill Johnson



The Church was made to be God’s expression of family on the earth.

We have been examining the Life of a Disciple as a church this year. Way of Life Groups is our next step to walk this out intentionally—we want to grow, as a local and global church, by being equipped to experience the truth of God’s Word in every area of our lives.

Being connected to God’s family, with one another, is a foundational key for us to sustain revival (John 17). It is time for our cities to see His kindness through how we do life together.


Embracing the Way of Life

You’re invited to walk through Bill Johnson’s teaching on The Way of Life with us. We want to see God demonstrate His will in and through us so profoundly, and obviously, that it becomes the very thing that draws people into the Kingdom. Let us live, love, and lead like Jesus.

Bethel Redding Local

Meet in a Local Home

  • Begins week of September 29th, 2019 for 8 Weeks.
  • Meet in a home with 8-15 people from Bethel’s Local Church body in Redding.
  • Build intentional relationships with other Bethel Redding locals in your neighborhood or with your existing community.
  • Discover “The Way of Life” with your group, choosing to be seen, known and belong.

Bethel's Global Community

Participate Online

  • Begins October 1, 2019 for 8 Weeks, although videos will still be accessible after.
  • Register for the Online E-Course to connect and go deeper with Bethel’s Global Community through our exclusive “The Way of Life” Facebook Group.
  • Discover “The Way of Life” through 8 video sessions, a digital workbook and weekly interactive emails for encouragement and activation.
  • $49 for Individual Study (Includes E-Course and Workbook)
  • $99 for Group Study Kit (Includes E-Course, Leader Guide and Workbook)

How will local home groups be formed?

The groups will be formed geographically. Our heart is for you to do life together and meet other people in your neighborhoods that are also a part of Bethel. This is not a requirement but we highly encourage it.

How many sessions do I have to participate in to sign up for a Redding local home group?

We ask that you are able to participate in at least 6 of the 8 meetings in order to sign up. This may not be your season to join a life group if it isn’t possible at this time.

Where do I register for the online life group?

After you complete your purchase of the E-Course, you will receive an email with all the information you need to complete registration for the online life group.

What if I am a Redding local but want to join online?

We do encourage you to try and join a local group. However if it doesn’t work out this season, we welcome you to join our Global Community online. Purchasing the E-Course is a requirement for the online group.

Will there be a discount for the “Way of Life” book?

The discount ended on October 8th. The price for The Way of Life book is $18.99

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Go Deeper in Your Study

A great addition for your personal growth.

(Don’t worry, this isn’t required to join our Way of Life Groups.)

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Go Deeper in Your Study

A great addition for your personal growth.

Don't worry, it's not required to join our Way of Life Groups.