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The Real Jesus

August 15, 2010

The un-renewed mind is at war with God.  The renewed mind enhances the expression of faith and cooperates with a life-style of faith. 

We have dual citizenship.  We are citizens of this world, but also of heaven.  At times we live with a world view hoping to tap into heaven.  We can't use the rules of the world to tap into the resources of the kingdom of heaven. 

When you experience something with God, it is that is an introduction into your inheritance.  We need to steward it to come into more. In this world resources are moved by human need.  In His world it is not human need that pulls on resources, it is faith and stewardship. 

We don't teach our experience when it comes to sin, we teach what the Word says.  However, with healing we teach not everyone you pray for will be healed.  We don't teach out of our experience for sin, and we owe the world the same teaching in regards to disease.  Our theology must come from the goodness of God.  Our theology can't be built around our imperfection, but formed around the perfection of Christ.