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Touched By Heaven

May 04, 2018

In the last 25 years, Geralyn had been in 8 car accidents that resulted in 20 surgeries. Each time she was rear-ended, more damage was caused to her spine, leading her to depend on and becoming addicted to pain medications. Eventually, Geralyn had to have a stimulator put in for the pain that ran along her spine and up to her brain. Over time, even this stimulator began to stop relieving the pain in her back. Geralyn heard about the Healing School at Bethel, and knew she needed to come for prayer. She had a radical encounter with Jesus when she visited the healing rooms, and the Lord miraculously realigned her spine. The battery pack that powered the stimulator was completely short-circuited, and Geralyn was completely healed. She then had the stimulator surgically removed, and has not experienced pain or taken a pain medication since. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Our God is still healing today!