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Is Your House Haunted Part 2

March 08, 2009

Kris continues a message given on Sunday March 1st, Part 1 the evening service. Kris shares from 2 Cor 10 and the book of Nehemiah. We need to capture every thought that is not of God. Thoughts are tangible in a different realm. There are Godly thoughts and thoughts not of God which can create either a beautiful castle or an evil fortress inside of you.
Kris also shares keys from the book of Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem. Nehemiah takes on the sin of the people as his own in his repentance to the Lord even though he wasn't present when the sins were committed. As Nehemiah is rebuilding the wall, he is attacked in his identity, motives and quality of work by his enemies. However, he perseveres and the wall is finished in a time frame that can only be supernatural.