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The Contrary Presence of God

May 02, 2010

The Lord only leads us into the conflict we are prepared to win. The Lord will restrain Himself by the fear of the people He is leading as He did when leading the Israelites out of Egypt, Exodus 13:17.
As a people we need to choose to believe what He says rather than what circumstances say. Truth in the head is not resilient against a lie in the head. The truth of what He says needs to be grafted into us so that no lie can shake you. When word is grafted into who you are, then that is a source of life, and all lies become obvious.
The Lord will manifest Himself contrary to the surrounding influence or contrary to the spirit of the day. In Exodus 13:18, the Lord manifested Himself as a cloud during the day and fire during the night. In the same way He will manifest Himself on us contrary to the spirit of the day. He does this so that people who are lost on journey can see the city and follow the light to a place of safety. His strength is manifest in you because your strength becomes someone else's breakthrough and strength.