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The Earth is Groaning

April 18, 2010

The curse was over man AND creation. The curse caused creation to produce thorns and thistles. Jesus's command was to preach the Gospel to all of creation. The earth is groaning to be released from corruption into the fullness of glory. God is not destroying the earth, but releasing it into full glory. The goal isn't for you to go to heaven, but for heaven to come to earth.

Core values for the study of Eschatology:
- I will not empower a dis-empowered devil
- I will have a hope for the future and a desire to leave an inheritance to my children.
- I have a theology which embraces making disciples of all nations
- I have a theology which brings heaven to earth.
- I have hope for the nations and a value for the restoration of destroyed cities.
- I believe in the unchanging nature of a good God.
- I will not celebrate bad news as a sign of the times and a necessary requirement of the return of Jesus.
- The promises of God cannot be placed in a time-zone. I have a responsibility to to pursue those promiss for my life-time.
- The last days are not a time of the church calling for judgment. The church doesn't judge, only God does.