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The Favor of His Face

March 28, 2010

Everything about you was designed to have continuous encounters with the Lord. The original design was for us to live in the manifest presence of the Lord. in Deuteronomy 4, the Lord spoke to the people in the mist of fire. They heard His voice but saw no form so that they could not make an idol from the form. The lack of clarity with which we are allowed to see the Lord is typically due to the idolatry in our hearts. The Lord will not show you more than you can handle and maintain your purity.
It is easy to get caught up in the manifestations which are essential and miss the face which is hidden in the clouds. When you try to reduce the experience to a principle, to that degree, He will withhold His presence. Every time you see the Holy Spirit move, the Face of God is there.
The Lord is about to reveal a measure of His goodness we have never known. We will fear the Lord because of the His goodness revealed.