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The Process of Love

January 10, 2010

2010 has been declared a year in which we will step into deeper levels of intimacy with the Lord. Danny provides practical tools to understand where you are in your relationship with God, tools to succeed at that stage and then move forward into the next level of intimacy.

1. Servant (Dependence)
- The needs of others are above your own
- If you don't succeed at this phase, you don’t learn how to trust
- Builds in our character giving, helping and sacrifice (builds a container for generosity in me)
- We are vulnerable to authority
- We don’t understand “Why?”

2 Sons (Independence)
- To be a son you have to have a choice
- Crucial to our health in receiving love. (learning how to choose to receive love)
Teaches us to expect help
- Opens our lives to learn of unconditional acceptance. Nothing you will ever do disqualifies my love for you, it is not performance based.
- We know “why?”

3. Lover (Interdependence)
- Move from trust, to choice, to a place of covenant
- Understand we have strength to serve without payment
- No matter what God does in a moment, you choose to love him.
- My motive is to add my strength and benefit to your life, not to consume yours