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Fill 'Er Up

October 25, 2009

Grace is unmerited favor. However, grace also empowers you and actually changes how you function so that you can operate in the supernatural. The grace of God changes us and then makes us capable to do something we couldn't do a moment before. As kings, we have unlimited resources to come under people to propel them into their destiny.
Three places to get more grace in your life:
1st source of grace comes from your personal connection to Jesus. His voice, the life on the His Word Luke 4:21
2nd source of grace comes from the gifts of Christ. Eph 4: 7 & 11 According to the honor in your heart for the gifts of Christ determines the level of grace you receive the gifts of Christ.
3rd source of grace comes from words of encouragement. Eph 4:29 When you encourage someone you are saying "God add the favor on my life to the favor that is already on theirs." God is attracted to words of encouragement.