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What Creates Community

January 08, 2012

Community was essential in the New Testament. In Acts 2:42, it says "They (the apostles) devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Eric and Candace share on how to build and grow community in your life. 1. You make space for community 2. You allow yourself to be seen, being vulnerable with those around you 3. Be authentic, be yourself. There is freedom for you to be authentic

Eric & Candace Johnson

Eric and his wife, Candace, are the Senior Leaders of the local church, Bethel Redding. Eric also serves on the Senior Leadership Team. He is a sixth generation minister and has recently co-authored the book, Momentum: What God Starts Never Ends. Eric and Candace have a passion to see transformation take place in the lives of people, cities and nations. They have two beautiful daughters who make them extremely proud parents.