Soaring Together Prophetic Conference


Special Worship Thurs & Friday by The Sons of Korah Sons of Korah
Schedule: (Subject to Change without notice)
Wednesday 7:00pm - Larry Randolph, Main Session
Thursday 10:00am Kris Vallotton Main Session
Thursday 2:00pm Leif Hetland, Main Session
Thursday 7:00pm Larry Randolph, Main Session
Friday 10:00am Kris Vallotton, Main Session
Friday 2:00pm - Kris Vallotton, Main Session
Friday 7:00pm - Leif Hetland, Main Session

There is a great transition happening in the Body of Christ. We are moving from doing signs and wonders to becoming a supernatural community. Malachi spoke of this epoch season change when he prophesied that the nature of the last days prophetic ministry would restore families by bridging the generation gap. He concludes his thoughts by telling us that the synergy from this prophetic momentum would destroy the curses over our land.
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