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Oil of Joy

May 16, 2018

Description: In the midst of evil, God is laughing. He has an anointing of joy and gladness for those who hate evil. In part 3 of 4 on Joy, Seth Dahl leads us through looking to God in the midst of evil to receive our identity and inheritance of joy. Scripture Focus: Hebrews 1:9, Psalm 2 Key points: If we look to God in the midst of evil, we receive our identity of joy and inheritance of of gladness. Question: Are you overwhelmed with seeing evil in the world? Challenge: Look to God, who is not afraid of evil, and see that He is laughing. He is trying to give you your identity and inheritance. He’s trying to give you joy so that everyone can see on your face that you hate evil. Quotes: “God has an anointing of joy and gladness for those who hate evil.” “Instead of looking at what the enemy is doing, why don’t I look at what God is doing. David in the midst of seeing all the evil all around and hating it, said ‘God I wanna see what you’re doing.’”