Prophetic Conference


This may rightly be the most important and epic season in modern history. In a time when racial tensions are rising, political upheavals are plastered daily on the pages of the news, and society is speeding towards a cesspool of immortality, someone must rise and intervene.

It’s not enough to protest injustice or deliver loud speeches at the steps of lofty government buildings. The world needs more! We need anointed people with profound, prophetic insight. We need foresight that can see through the shadows of evil and lead cities to safety! With legacies like Daniel, Joseph, and Esther, it is incumbent upon us as the people of God to equip a generation with spiritual intelligence, to inherit in the mind of Christ, to find sustainable solutions, and to bring wholeness to our nations.

Thus, the 2019 Prophetic Conference may well be one of the most important gatherings of our time! We will endeavor to take up this mandate of cultural transformation, to equip an entire generation of history makers and world changers, and stop the insanity.

If your heart aches to see your city restored to wholeness, if you wake in the night burdened for the broken, or if you know you were born for more, then this gathering is for you. Join us on this journey of equipping and commissioning you to disciple nations.