Power & Love Prophetic Conference


We have been commissioned to transform nations. Yet what is the strongest weapon of warfare and the greatest tool of re-formation that weve been equipped with to fulfill our divine destiny? Love! Love is the strongest weapon ever launched against the schemes of darkness. The Bible says LOVE NEVER FAILS! True love germinates in the soil of sacrifice, sprouts in the garden of surrender and matures in the matrimony of servanthood. When LOVE and POWER join hands they become a divine virus in which there is no inoculationan invincible influence, and a dominant force against the works of the devil. Its our desire to gather Saints from the four corners of the earth, infuse them with passion, inspire them with hope, and equip them with power to rescue a desperate and dying planet. This is the place where power encounters converge to create a catalytic experience that will propel you over the walls of indifference and into your divine destiny! You wont want to miss this gathering! Kris Vallotton