Moral Revolution Conference


Moral Revolution Conference 2010 Promo from Moral Revolution on Vimeo. "God gave you a sex drive and said it is good! The goal is to learn how to manage it." - Kris Vallotton The world is screaming messages of sexuality and lust while the church remains silent. Moral Revolution's desire is to engage real life issues with solutions from a Kingdom perspective.
This conference will equip and empower you to navigate freedom. Fathers will share on knowing who you are and walking out healthy boundaries. Break-out sessions will include how to walk out a purity plan while developing more intimacy in your relationships. You will know Who You Are and Whose You Are!

Prices: Premium=$20, Economy=$10, Audio=$5
Subscribers receive 30% discount automatically!! Subscriber prices: $14, $7, $3.50.

All of our conferences are live and archived. Within a few hours of a session, they are uploaded to the archives. Once you have purchased the conference, you'll be able to watch the session even months later.