Lovely - Women's Conference


Knowing our identity will bring a higher quality of life! The more we realize how much we are loved, the better understanding we will have of our place in God. The more we know our place in God, the better we can help others do the same.

We each have a Heavenly message inside of us; it says, "You are enough, you have what it takes." Being lovely isn't about having it all together or looking perfect. It's about growing, changing, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us into the knowledge of who we are and what we are designed for.

Schedule: Wednesday 7 pm - Sheri Silk

Thursday 10 am - Jenn Johnson 2:30 pm - Abi Stumvoll 7 pm - Dawna DeSilva

Friday: 10 am - Havilah Cunnington 2:30 pm - Kathy Vallotton 7 pm - Beni Johnson