Kingdom Culture Conference 2018


There are key moments in scripture where Jesus reveals a completely different way of doing things – a shift from the culture of earth to the culture of heaven. In one moment, we see a crowd begging to throw stones at a woman caught in adultery. As Jesus encounters the situation, He invites heaven, making a statement that stopped the religious system in its tracks and forcing it to abandon its agenda. The system of the day could not find a way around the culture of heaven – the only thing it could do was put its stones down and walk away. Culture runs deep, and we see that truth take place in the lives of the disciples as they followed Jesus thousands of years ago. It becomes increasingly evident as the gospels reveal to us, little by little, that the culture of heaven began to shape their views, actions, and beliefs – and in doing so, it changed the world. It is our aim to see the culture of heaven run deeply in us, just as it did in Jesus, and in the culture, He cultivated around Him. What if the Church was able to embrace, assimilate, and emulate the culture of heaven? What if, as we live our daily lives, we introduce another way of doing things, revealing to the world around us the goodness of God? What would it be like if we caught a glimpse of heaven in every area of our lives and truly maintained a kingdom perspective? We believe that this is where history can be rewritten and the church can become all that it is made to be. Join us for three days of transformation, inviting the culture of heaven to run deep in you. We will focus on key concepts that we feel called to emphasize, and core components of what makes up the culture at Bethel. We are looking forward to this time of powerful worship, transformational encounter, and inviting new levels of the culture of heaven to run deeply in each of us.