You have been given unique and important areas of influence where you are called to generate momentum and bring the culture of God’s kingdom to earth. Whether your influence is global or relational, a ministry or workplace, home or community, come be equipped at our Kingdom Culture conference this June. Together we will explore how core values and culture bring lasting change.

Movement is essential to our health. It stretches and changes us, keeping our bodies strong, agile, and ready for action. In the same way, we the Body of Christ are called to stay in motion and allow God to propel us out of our comfort zones and into the catalytic roles we were born to play impacting culture and society.

Day 1

6:30 PM - Session 1

Day 2

9:30 AM - Session 2

2:00 PM - Session 3

6:30 PM - Session 4

Day 3

9:30 AM - Session 5

2:00 PM - Session 6

6:30 PM - Session 7