Heaven In Business: Hosting God at Work


What if your place of work was known for the overwhelming atmosphere of hope and confidence? What if customers actually experienced the Father when they did business with you? How do you build a business culture that welcomes and sustains the supernatural in a competitive environment? What are the benefits and what are the challenges in building this kind of culture? This three day event will help you build a personal and work environment where the Presence and power of God become a daily experience. You will hear real-life stories from real-life business people, have opportunity to receive personal ministry and receive practical tips and tools to help you build a work environment that God could call 'home.' Day 1 - Wednesday Aug 6 10:00 Stories of God at Work - Guests 11:15 Inviting God to Work - Andy Mason 1:30 Hosting God - Bill Johnson 3:00 Supernatural Culture - Kris Vallotton Day 2 - Thursday Aug 7 10:00 Activating Heaven - Blake & Linda Schellenberg 11:15 Creating Culture 1 - Rick Sbrocca 11:45 Creating Culture 2 - Sadie Hess 1:30 Business and Identity - Andy Mason 3:00 Success Mindsets - Steve & Wendy Backlund Day 3 - Friday Aug 8 10:00 Good News Culture - Andy Mason 11:15 Creating Culture 3 - Doug Hignell 11:45 Creating Culture 4 - Jenny Rae LeRoux 1:30 Testimony and Panel Q&A 3:30 Summary and Commissioning