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Rediscover Bethel - Episode 6: Church Structure, Teaching, Rumors, and Politics

July 13, 2021

In the last episode of Rediscover Bethel, Bethel Senior Leader Bill Johnson and Bethel Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly discuss church structure, teaching, rumors, and politics. 

Please Note: Unlike the previous episodes, this episode has a single camera view. 

In this video, Bill Johns and Dann Farrelly address many of the rumors surrounding Bethel and also talk through some of Bethel's core values regarding how to minister with people we disagree with and teaching people how to think for themselves instead of teaching them what to think. 

Here are the topics in this video that Bill Johnson and Dann Farrelly discuss in-depth:

- Five-Fold Ministry: Is Bill Johnson an Apostle?

- Ministering With Those We Disagree With

- Teaching People How To Think, Not What To Think

- Being Salt And Light In Today’s Culture

- The Seven Mountains Dominionism With Bill Johnson

- Is Bethel Church a Cult?

- The Church’s Responsibility With Politics

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