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Emotional Prosperity

Our world is full of people who are desperate for someone to help them. In this e-course and corresponding workbook, Jason Vallotton leads you through powerful steps to identify the root cause of a problem, solve the issue using dynamic and practical tools, and create a plan of action to develop healthy mindsets, habits, and cultures that will sustain true emotional prosperity. This e-course is not just for counselors, it's for anyone who wants to dig deep into resolving issues in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

This Course Will Help You

  • ‐ Identify the Problem
  • ‐ Unveil Belief Systems & Cycles
  • ‐ Discover the Root Issue
  • ‐ Work through Pain
  • ‐ Find Freedom through Forgiveness
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Lessons + Interviews

In this 7+ hour e-course, learn practical tools and insights on emotional health from Jason Vallotton, and guests: Kris Vallotton, Havilah Cunnington & Abi Stumvoll.

Counseling Demonstrations

Watch practical examples as Jason counsels 3 people working through real issues.

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I have found that my love for people has only increased through the years, thus giving me a desire to take what I have learned and impart it to you.

I pray that as you work through this course, what took me years to learn would become easy for you, and that together we could transform the lost, hurting and broken people of this world back into their God-given identities.

Jason Vallotton

Pastoral Care Overseer, Bethel Church

Lesson Plan

Preparing for a Session

Jason leads you through knowing what you were built for, and who you should counsel. Learn the importance of creating a safe place, and the difference between empathy, sympathy and compassion.

Identifying the Problem

Discover how to identify a person’s problem. Jason believes it’s important to pay attention to how someone is communicating, how they work, and to be a reflective listener that asks questions.

Identifying Belief Systems and Cycles

Jason explains that most people have belief systems that have been ingrained in them from childhood. He teaches us that we cannot successfully give advice to someone unless we first help them identify their belief systems about themselves and the world around them. This opens the door to replacing these poor beliefs with new ones that moves the person forward.

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Root Issues

In this lesson, Jason teaches you that you shouldn’t only address a symptom of a person’s problem, but find the root issue. If the root still exists, the problem still exists. Jason guides you through finding contributing factors to a root issue, and helping the person become self aware of red flags in their lives.

Counseling Demonstration with Jedida

In this counseling demonstration, Jason demonstrates the use of “Quick-Fire Questions” to allow Jedida to respond from her subconscious. Jason demonstrates how to partner with the Holy Spirit to help Jedida identify her current belief systems.

Interview with Abi Stumvoll

Jason and Abi talk about how to practically identify patterns in our hearts by being self aware, how to develop a plan for patterns, and how to partner with hope even when we don’t see it.


In this lesson on Repentance, Jason teaches us that repentance is a process a person goes through to change the way they think. Jason shows us practical steps to creating new thought patterns such as Renunciation and Repetition.

Working Through Pain

Learn practical steps of how to walk someone through processing pain instead of shutting it off. Mourning leads to comfort, and it first takes embracing and processing our emotions to get to what God says about us.


Jason teaches you to approach forgiveness with the same mindset as Jesus, who allowed Himself to fully experience pain on the cross so He could fully forgive. As counselors we should make time for someone to let out what is in their hearts as they process their emotions, so that they can receive God’s words afterward.

Counseling Demonstration with Claire

In this counseling demonstration, Jason asks permission from Claire to go deeper into how she feels. He then shows us how to create space to allow her to process her childhood pain. Once Claire verbally processed her pain, Jason leads her through renouncing the lies she believed, and then forgiving her father.

Interview with Kris Vallotton

In this interview, Jason and Kris Vallotton talk about how emotional breakdowns can be prevented by finding a healthy rhythm of rest and self care. Kris shares the importance of knowing our capacity and being aware of the season we are in.

Firm Foundation

In this lesson, Jason guides us through building something new with someone after their old belief systems have been torn down. Jason teaches us the difference between willpower and desire, and the importance of having a reward system while adopting new habits.

Power Tools

Jason gives us “power tools” to help give someone vision for where they are going and why. He also walks us through the importance of setting healthy boundaries that protect our connection with people.


Learn how to create an action plan based on someone’s history, their triggers, and the root issues that have been discovered through sharing. Jason teaches us how to make the person a part of the process in building an action plan so they will take responsibility for their goals.

Counseling Demonstration with Megan

In this counseling demonstration, session, Claire, one of Jason’s team members, counsels Megan by asking questions to identify Megan's belief systems. Claire makes sure to reflect back on what Megan is saying, as well as dig deep into how Megan feels about her past. After identifying her needs, Claire helps Megan establish an action plan.

Interview with Havilah Cunnington

In this interview, Havilah Cunnington shares about how she has identified what she needs to do in order to thrive when living a life of full-time ministry. By being self-aware and taking ownership of reconstructing her life, she is able to come up with a long-term plan for succeeding.


Jason Vallotton is one of these real helpers in the world who knows how to show people the way to the other side. He has a gift to bring people through their pain and to courageously face the fear they experience.

Danny Silk

President of Loving on Purpose Life Academy


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