Shifting Atmospheres


Dawna DeSilva and the team have created a 9-week study on how to affect the world around you by Shifting Atmospheres. An amazing line up of session leaders model how to shift atmospheres through prophetic declarations, intercession, worship and the written Word in your finances, personal life and over regions. This transformational class is INCLUDED for Bethel.TV premium subscribers or can be purchased to be saved in your Bethel.TV media library. Schedule:

  • Session 1 | Dawna DeSilva (What is an Atmosphere)
  • Session 2 | Faith Blatchford (Shifting Atmospheres through Prophetic Declarations)
  • Session 3 | Steve DeSilva (Shifting Atmospheres - Toil to Rest)
  • Session 4 | Brian & Jenn Johnson (Shifting Atmospheres in Worship)
  • Session 5 | Beni Johnson (Shifting Atmospheres in Intercession)
  • Session 6 | Dawna DeSilva (Shiftings Atmospheres over Assignments & Over Regions)
  • Session 7 | Cory DeSilva (Shifting Atmospheres through the written word)
  • Session 8 | Faith Blatchford (Shifting Your Nightmares into Dreams)
  • Session 9 | Steve DeSilva (Shifting Atmospheres in Your Finances)