2017 School Of Creativity


Join us for the School of Creativity, where our theme, What is Beauty? will take us into the story of our lives interwoven with Gods redemptive plan. This school is designed for us to encounter the many facets of His Beauty. Take time and stop- wonder, cry, laugh, and treasure His many faceted nature and colors. We're so excited to have with us amazing artists and creative thought leaders:
Paul Young - Author of the best selling book, The Shack
Shawn Bolz - Speaking pastor of Expression 58 and prophet
Darren Wilson - Director and Producer of Finger of God and Father of Lights
Theresa Dedmon - Director of the Arts at Bethel

6:30 pm Session 1 Theresa Dedmon

9:30 am Session 2 Shawn Bolz
2:00 pm - Breakout 1 Tim Davis
6:30 pm Session 3 Theresa Dedmon

9:30 am Session 4 Darren Wilson
2:00 pm - Breakout 2 David Norona
6:30 pm Session 5 Shawn Bolz

9:30 am Session 6- Theresa Dedmon
2:00 pm - Breakout 3 Darren Wilson
6:30 pm Session 7 Paul Young