2017 Kingdom Culture Conference


We are passionate about encountering God and seeing people equipped and transformed to carry the mandate of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. For Kingdom Culture, we purposefully keep it focused on our Bethel teams to show how we create culture, see the world and how we see the Kingdom manifest on the earth. This year well have some of our key senior leaders as well as some of our emerging leaders share their hearts and help equip you to carry out the mandate of heaven. We are also excited to have our very own Banning Liebscher who founded Jesus Culture and was sent out from Bethel to plant a church in Sacramento with us.
Kingdom Culture Conference Schedule:
Wednesday June 21
6:30 PM - Worship - Jeremy Riddle & Steffany Gretzinger
7:30 PM - Teaching - Bill Johnson
Thursday June 22
9:30 AM - Teaching - Brian Johnson
10:15 AM - Worship - Amanda Cook and Paul Arend
11:15 AM - Teaching - Candace Johnson
2:00 PM - Teaching - Joaquin Evans
3:15 PM - Teaching - Bill Johnson
6:30 PM - Worship - Hunter Thompson and Kalley Heiligenthal
7:30 PM - Teaching - Banning Liebscher
Friday June 23
9:30 AM - Teaching - Danny Silk
10:15 AM - Worship - Josh Baldwin and Kalley Heiligenthal
11:15 AM - Teaching - Eric Johnson
2:00 PM - Teaching - Abi Stumvoll
3:15 PM - Teaching - Banning Liebscher
6:30 PM - Worship -Brian Johnson and Leah Valenzuela
7:30 PM - Teaching - Kris Vallotton