2016 Kingdom Culture


We are mothers and fathers. We are businessmen and women. We are creatives. We are friends and neighbors. We are salt and light. And when we unite with Heaven, we change the world. Because what happens inside of the four walls of our church building isnt just for usits for our neighborhoods, our cities, and our nations.
Its time to carry what we encounter as we befriend the world around us! At the Kingdom Culture conference, we open our house to anyone who longs to cultivate the culture of Gods Kingdom, equipping them to live as salt and light in their spheres of influenceall for His glory. Salt & Light Kingdom Culture 2016 Schedule:
6:30 pm - Eric and Candace
7:00 pm - Worship
8:00 pm - Bill Johnson
9:30 am - Eric Johnson & Team
10:00 am - Worship
11:00 am - Candace Johnson
2:00 pm - Joaquin Evans & Team
2:45 pm - Labs
6:30 pm - Worship
7:00 pm - Paul Manwaring
9:30 am - Bill Johnson
10:00 am - Worship
11:00 am - Eric Johnson
2 pm - Eric Johnson & Team
2:45 pm - Labs
6:30 pm - Worship
7:00 pm - Kris Vallotton