2015 Kingdom Culture


It started many years ago when we began to notice that people from all over the world were coming because they heard a story or testimony, read a book, or heard someone tell them about what God was doing at Bethel. We couldn't deny the fact that lives were being impacted and changed or that they found themselves hungry for more of God. As a team we don't claim to have everything figured out, but we do know God is leading us, and we have made the decision to run with Him no matter the cost. This is the one conference each year that we have only our leaders and staff. Its our way of opening up our house and making it accessible to anyone that desires Kingdom culture in their personal life and the environment around them. Schedule:

7 pm - Main Session 1, Bill Johnson

10 am - Main Session 2, Paul Manwaring
2 pm - Culture & Core Values, Danny Silk
3pm - Managing Disappointment, Eric Johnson
7 pm - Main Session 3, Danny Silk

10 am - Main Session 4, Eric & Candace Johnson
2 pm - Establishing a Prophetic Culture, Kris Vallotton
7 pm - Main Session 5,Kris Vallotton