2015 Inspire Conference


INSPIRE: Young Leaders Gathering is a conference about culture, influence and leadership. We are all about finding out how God wants to touch humanity in all realms of society. We gather to connect and create a place where we can grow together as we aim to impact culture with the wisdom and power of God. We are calling young adults in their 20s and 30s to join us for three days July 22-24, 2015. Connect with Bethel staff and be challenged to grow as a leader. Speakers are generally followed by Q&A. Wednesday
2:30pm - Main Session 1 - Eric Johnson
4:15pm - 5:15 Leadership Session w/ Q&A - Kelly Clark
7:00pm - Worship & Main Session 2 - Steve Thompson
9:30am - Worship
10:30am - Leadership Session w/ Q&A - Kelly Clark
1:00pm - Leadership Session w/ Q&A - Steve Thompson
2:30pm - Labs: Influential Leaders - Olivia Shupe
3:45pm - Interview Speaker on Leadership - Havilah Cunnington
7:00pm - Worship & Main Session 3 - Candace Johnson
9:30am - Worship
10:15am - Interview Speaker on Leadership - Banning Liebscher
11:30am - Labs: Brave Communication - Dann Farrelly
1:30pm - 2:30 pm Leaders Q&A Panel - Steve, Kelly, Banning, Havilah, Eric & Candace
7:00pm - Worship & Main Session 4 - Steve Thompson