2014 Kingdom Culture Conference


We have values that have become pillars for how we run together as a church and the calling that we have to be both a local church and host the nations. We call it Kingdom Culture. In the midst of what God is doing at Bethel, its an honor to create time and space and open up our house to you to what we've chosen to highlight and how we do it. This is the one conference each year in which we exclusively have our Bethel staff speak and lead. Its a chance to interact and to hear how we create culture and sustain culture. We're excited to to worship our King together with you as well as opening up our house. We invite you to join us. Schedule (*Subject to change): Wednesday: 7 pm - Kris Vallotton Thursday: 10 am - Kevin Dedmon 2 pm - Kris Vallotton (Notes: goo.gl/Gm7YKU) 7 pm - Beni Johnson Friday: 10 am - Candace Johnson 2 pm - Jeremy Riddle, Lance Jacobs & Candace Johnson 7 pm - Bill Johnson