We are very excited for INSPIRE and what God is going to do in this time. This is a gathering for leaders in their 20's and 30's that want to be inspired, developed and desire to influence the world with the Kingdom. Whether you're a pastor, business owner, professional athlete, teacher, lawyer or in any other profession, this gathering is for you. We will be pursuing God together as well as taking time to help develop you as leaders and create a place where relationships can be forged. We are looking forward to worshipping God together and seeing the Kingdom advance! Schedule: Monday 3:30 - Banning Liebscher 7:00 - Worship w/ Jeremy Riddle 8:00 - Martin Smith Tuesday 9:30 - Worship 10:30 - Kris Vallotton 11:30 - Havilah Cunnington 2:00 - Sara Hall 3:30 - Ryan Hall 7:00 - Worship w/ Jeremy Riddle 8:00 - Havilah Cunnington Wednesday 9:30 - Worship 10:30 - Candace Johnson 11:30 - Leadership Panel Q&A 7:00 - Worship w/ Jeremy Riddle 8:00 - Eric Johnson