2014 Developing Prophetic Communities


When Ezekiel entered the valley of dry bones, God rocked Ezekiel's world. He asked the prophet "Can these bones live?" The great prophet staggered to comprehend the possible outcome of God's inquiry... finally he gathered himself and answered, "You know, Lord." Once again prophetic people stand in the valley of the shadow of death, and once again God is asking us the same question, "Can these bones live?" The world waits in hopeful anticipation as the prophetic people of God stand in the valley of decision. May God commission us to once again rock nations as we gather to seek the King! Schedule (Subject to Change) Wednesday: 7 pm - Bob Hazlett Thursday: 10 am - Bob Hazlett 2 pm - Kris Vallotton 7 pm - Cindy Jacob Friday: 10 am - Kris Vallotton 2 pm - Cindy Jacobs 7 pm - Bob Hazlett