2013 Writing Unto The Glory


The whole earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14). Will you write words, inspired by the Holy Spirit, that cause the hearts of the nations to burn for Jesus? Join us for three days of training, impartation, worship and encouragement as we answer the call to penetrate every domain of society with the Word of truth. Schedule * Wednesday, June 5th 1 pm - Bill Johnson, Session 1 3 pm - Jenn Johnson, Listening Ear 7 pm - Paul Manwaring, Session 3 Thursday, June 6th 10 am - Kris Vallotton, Session 4 1 pm - Faith Blatchford, Unblocking Writer's Block 3 pm - Julia Loren, Authors Guide to Self-Publishing 7 pm - Kris Vallotton, Session 7 Friday, June 7th 10 am - Barbara Nicolosi-Harrington, Session 8 1 pm - Theresa Dedmon, Writing in the Presence 3 pm - Barbara Nicolosi-Harrington, Session 10 7 pm - Eric Metaxas, Session 11