2011 Wellness Seminar


There are so many elements that play into our health.  It can get very confusing when you try to figure out where to start. But start is what we need to do!

The Wellness Seminar is a one-day event at which Beni Johnson and Ronda Nelson share their knowledge and experiences about how to get healthy and stay healthy—physically, emotionally and spiritually. They share practical tools they have found helpful for maintaining health and wholeness.

Prices: Premium=$30, Economy=$20, Audio=$10
Subscribers receive 30% discount on this event.

Seminar Topics include:

  • 5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Maintaining Healthy Hormones
  • How to Know The Difference Between Physical and Spiritual Illness
  • Benefits of Juicing
  • Raw Food Basics

The Lord is calling us into a season to walk in complete health: spirit, soul and body!


Please use the following link to download the hand-outs that will used during the seminar.  There will be a black box which say "DOWNLOAD WELLNESS SEMINAR PACKET"


*Our speakers are very knowledgeable in the areas of health and nutrition. They have provided information for improvement to your general health. A healthcare professional should be consulted before commencing or discontinuing any course of treatment.