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My little guy and I suffered from Sinus infections and migranes. The doctor recommended to stop gluten and see if it made a difference. It totally did. Anytime we get "glutenized" by accident we end up with migranes with flu like symptoms. great info.


Rhonda:...heard your sister texted you on your clothes.....sisters are great that look great and our sisters are just jeolous of us!! I am 52 and have 3 older sisters........I think if they can't make a comment, they'd be stressed...LOL!! Thank your talks....Judi Gordon from Pa and web

judi Gordon

I'm not clear why Beni isn't just using the Vitamix instead of juicing......I use Vita mix for everything!! Judi Gordon

judi Gordon

I still didn't get the t-shirt slogan. What was it?


Ronday is such a great communicator! I wish we lived in your area. I would love to work with her. She is such a blessing to the body of Christ! Thank you for this conference! Loving it.


An excellent start to this seminar! Full of expectation for the other sessions too!


Wow, the last session ROCKS!!!

Daniel Berghian

Your Spirit can also have emotions, as in your spirit being troubled, rejoicing, broken, all of that. It's biblical.

Daniel Berghian

There's devils for anything, but it's obvious it can also be your body...

Daniel Berghian

What did she use to reinforce the guys myelin sheath?

Daniel Berghian

What is Ronda's website you guys?

Daniel Berghian

Can we who ordered the conference on line, get the handouts? Would love that!!! Ronda, you look great! I have a sister, too. Don't slap her! LOL!!


Could you give the name of the book that has the orange zest elixir in it?>


You guys, you can download the seminar packet from here

Daniel Berghian is Ronda Nelsons e-mail

Daniel Berghian

Supernatural Grace! I need it. I want it. I receive it. I will walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit. He will reveal to me the plan that is for me. In Jesus' name. Amen!


She says to be careful of what you put on your skin, but how do we know what we are putting on it??


2011 Wellness Seminar