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m Manvel

When Paul said in 1 Cor 14 "Women should remain silent in churches..." It finishes with the phrase " the Law says." What does this mean, "as the Law says?" Where in the law does it say this or is he referring to an oral tradition. And if it's the oral tradition then why does he include it?


Thank you, Kris! Imagine the authority mankind will have in the Earth when men and women stand together side-by-side, as God designed us to be! God, man, woman... a threefold cord not easily broken!


In reference to 1 Cor 14:34- I believe vs. 35 is the answer to why women were to be silent in church. They were new to the whole church experience and were disrupting the services by ASKING QUESTIONS at an inappropriate time. I like how The Message Bible says it.


Is it possible that when the bible refers to men and women in connection with church interaction it is speaking in an alagoric fashion as in Isaiah were it speaks of seven women(the church) taking hold of one man(Christ)- or the women whose husband is dead being made free from the law (and the list goes on) - which are clearly not just speaking to females - I wonder if, when it speaks of women being silent in the church it is refering to all, who at that time are to be recievers and that when it refers to a man it is refering to the giver or minister at the time(whether male or female) that there would be order and honor moving among us as believers.I think the writer was trying to establish discernment among us to recognize the anointing as it falls and moves through whoever.


this is sooo good


So loved this worth it. So true how there is a struggle in the churches to empower woman.


LOVE LOVE LOVE Thank you for fighting for your sisters!!


Not able to burn file due to burn sad.


God's Most Beautiful Creation Part 2