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Amber's lyrics really touched me, about God reaching through the running and the hiding though I don't mean to--I've been in a funk feeling like I was never going to measure up to fulfill my calling or something. "Won't You come, come like You promised, pour out Your Spirit" is where my focus needs to be. Thanks, Amber. Worship leaders apparently go through the same stuff as the rest of us.


I'm kinda sad she didn't sing the song Make Way...

Daniel Berghian

stream keeps freezing


great stuff in music and teaching as oasis in the desert.john from ireland


Handle's Messiah in Macy's was par excellence!!! So flipping cool!


That is not just some old organ, it is the original pipe organ in the Wannamakers, which was the first department store in America. Macy's bought it a few years ago, but there is a group of people who work to preserve the organ. Very significant that it was played in this place, and on this organ. On another note, let's pray that the church will once again commission works of art that can be enjoyed for generations to come like this work by Handel, the Passion of the Christ by Bach or the painting and scuplture of Michaelangelo.


Just watched Handle's Messiah in Macy's... how amazing. Thanks for showing it. I was chatting to someone about it, only to find they are singing this in a much smaller shopping centre in Poole, UK 11th Dec... I love moments like these may there be more.


I like the title of this talk. My dog just passed away. I am mourning him. I cannot wait to hear what this is about.


I am so very thankful for the messages I can hear on this site


here it is on youtube


thank you for making full length video available


@ Pastor Bill Johnson, I had a dream that i was in a field of flowers and there was a narrow path, I was like 8 years old with a beautiful dress, the Lord told me to walk down the ailse of this narrow path and pluck the petals from these flowers. I did and put them inside of my chest, they dissapeared as I did. These were melodies from heaven. I was skipping and had so much joy. I love you said that about melodies from heaven! Thank you Jesus!


What I Learned From My Dog